Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons Property Investor AcademyHi – thanks for visiting our site and taking the time to find out more about John, David and myself.

We are all committed to helping people along their property journeys – whether it’s at the start point or at a much more advanced stage on the route.

The three of us have quite diverse backgrounds and bring different skill sets to the table but we are united in wanting to provide objective information and substantial knowledge on an inexpensive basis, with no commercial upselling or tempting hooks to gain more lucrative business from people who want nothing more than education, knowledge, help and guidance along their personal property journey.

My professional background lies in high performance sport, with property being a secondary interest for a long time as it just revolved around the places I lived in, both in the UK and abroad. The main drive for many years was to do with Olympic Games and World Championships rather than the next property deal, but there are lots of common threads to the transition I’ve made over the past few years.

Both sport and property are about people – understanding and communicating skills are central elements, and team building is vital to success on a day to day basis. Education, coaching and mentoring, and personal development are key themes and a central part of my professional make up, so it’s great to be able to draw on that background now in a property context.

I currently invest and develop in Surrey, centred around the Cobham /Oxshott / Esher area; adding value is the driving force, with quality of finish being a key element too.

I set up the Surrey Property Exchange network event early in 2011 in order to plug a gap and help everyone involved in property in Surrey and the surrounding areas. I work closely with a growing network of investors and joint venture partners and am constantly on the lookout for new opportunities.

I believe passionately in education and empowerment and that is the reason for my involvement in the Property Investor Academy – I hope to be lucky enough to work with you so that we can both benefit from the experience and hopefully help others too..!

Thanks for seeking to know more about us. John, David and I look forward to being of assistance to you as you make your way in the property world – it can be very rewarding in every respect and is well worth the challenge of your personal time and material investment…!

Richard Simmons

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