assisted sales

Assisted Sales – Yvonne Emery

Make £000’s From Property Using Proven Systems 

An Exclusive 1 day Workshop Sat 5th August 2017

Normally £399 – Few Early Bird Places £299 (No V.A.T.)

Maidenhead Holiday Inn – Lunch Provided


  • No Deposits
  • No Mortgages Need To Be Taken Out
  • No Stamp Duty
  • Ho 6 Month
  • Works With Any Property Price – In ANY Area

asssited-salesProperty Investor Academy has managed to secure Yvonne Emery for this workshop. Yvonne has been perfecting property investment and started in 1997.

With the property market changing cycles – those who adapt and run with the new opportunities it creates often make the most money. One of the many great things with assisted sales is that the opportunities are endless. It typically involves helping a person sell their property after you have agreed a figure they are happy to receive – often more than they currently would be able to get using traditional methods. It may required using different marketing methods to sell the property, doing works to make the property more desirable or fixing some of the issues preventing it from being sold – like a short lease.yvonneemery1

Join us for this fantastic day where Yvonne will be sharing her templates and proven systems and models – effectively all you have to do is learn them, copy them and then take action.

This one time investment gives you full on access from 9am-6pm – working lunch included.

The day with Yvonne will be cover the following-

  • What is an Assisted Sale
  • Where to find opportunities
  • How do you make the cash and how quickly
  • Flips for FREE – refurbishing for HUGE profits
  • Pitfalls , considerations & costs
  • Solicitors, Insurance & Estate Agents
  • Flexing the process – be prepared to make your own rules
  • Practice makes perfect – the quick way to get involved or walk away
  • Contracts to keep you legal and lock in your profits
  • All questions and examples worked through on the day

So, in short if you’re struggling with how to generate and covert profitable sales leads from property transactions in your area, this workshop will provide you with the solutions you need.

Don’t Miss Out – Assisted Sales Are Very Powerful – Learn & Then Earn £000’s

As we’re in the business of helping people to get more for less we’re putting our money where our mouth is !

Even if you decide this workshop isn’t for you and you are not happy – just hand in your folder by lunchtime and you will get a FULL refund.

If you answer ‘Yes’ to the questions below then this the workshop for you …

  • Do you fancy flipping properties without using a mortgage ?
  • Would you like to start making £000’s selling other peoples properties ?
  • Would you like to use a strategy that can work as easily on £500,000 properties as it can on £50,000 properties ?
  • Would you like to get involved with property using very little money ? 

All the key information and knowledge you need in one place.

Make your money work harder and smarter and enjoy a vastly improved level of income and wealth.

Assisted Sales Workshop August 5th 2017
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Venue: Holiday Inn – Maidenhead

Sat 5th August 2017  9 am -5 pm – 

Lunch & Refreshments all included


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