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Keep in Touch - Don't Miss OutIf you add your details to our VIP list then we can keep you updated with property goodies.

Just think what you’ll get sent from time to time, free property webinars, new strategies and other tools which we feel may make a difference to your property journey.

And because we know you’ll like it – we’ll send you David’s interest rate timebomb analyser for adding your details to our VIP list today – so you can’t say fairer than that.

This powerful spreadsheet that David has spent hours over can show you the problems that may be just around the corner when interest rates do indeed rise!

And there’s more – just to add more value we have also attached another guide – so what better way to highlight some of the common mistakes or misconceptions surrounding property investment.

So we have put together a 10 point guide to help you focus to reducing your risk and making sure you are removed from making the same mistakes as thousands of others – this surely has already placed you in a far better position than others in what can be a property minefield. 

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