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HMO Masterclass By I-Occupy


Join directors Darren Patel & James O’Grady from i-Occupy who have agreed to hold the pre-meet before the Berkshire Property Meet on Monday 17th February -in  Cedar Room 1 from 6pm, rhe topic will be their journey to developing high quality HMO’s.

Over the last two and a half years Darren, Bill and James have built up a thriving unique business developing large residential houses into ‘high end’ HMO’s producing on average 20% net yield per property. They have found that good design and utilising commercial lenders has allowed them to pull out their investment and then move onto the next.

 They started with the end in mind and have been creating systems to aid the future growth of their HMO portfolio. Their objective is to create a commercial profitable enterprise that works and grows without them, creating long term wealth.

Just to wet your appetite here is some of their work to date – don’t forget to register below for the FREE pre-meet.


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