How To Raise Funds For Joint Ventures Legally

How To Raise Funds For Joint Ventures Legally

Exclusive 1 day Workshop –

Workbook & Lunch Provided 

Securing Funds – Loan Agreement, Joint Ventures, Partnerships … How To Pitch For Funds Legally 

  • There WILL Always be the need to raise equity for Property Opportunities 
  • There are many ways to raise funds – but with all these ways YOU need to know the RULES and stay on the CORRECT Side of the law !! 


Property Investor Academy has managed to secure a cracking line up for the day that will certainly we feel make sure there is no stone left unturned so you can raise funds / equity to allow you to transact more deals.

We have secured John Corey, Jo Rogers, Atuksha & Davin Poonwassie who all bring a huge amount of knowledge and unique skills to this often complex subject.

The aims of the day is to equip you with the knowledge, skills & documents so you can confidently raise funds without falling foul of financial services legislation and also share with you other ways to fund your deals.

John Corey

John has 30+ years of experience with creative finance as it applies to real estate. All phases in the residential (1-4 unit) and residential-related (5+ units) commercial sector.

John has direct experience with RE transactions in 4 countries. and a portfolio that extends across 11 time zones.

John is an expert in capital raising for real estate transactions, along with conventional and creative financing techniques for funding real estate deals or for the purchase of the home you want to move into now.

John comes from a deep technology background with years of professional experience and executive management experience at international firms

Specialities: Structured finance, loan packaging, trading of notes and other debt instruments secured by real estate. Team management in cross functional projects. Global deployment of cross boarder solutions.

Jo Rogers

Jo is a dual-qualified lawyer admitted to practice law in New York and England.

During her legal career, Jo has helped early-stage companies around the World to raise over $½ billion, sell and buy other companies and list on the AIM stock exchange.

As a lawyer Jo support’s small business to get the best deal possible with investors, suppliers and partners.

As part of the NaviStar Legal team we want all UK SMEs to get access to the best legal support.

As a speaker, Jo often speaks to small and medium businesses about “bigger deals with smaller risks” and to audiences of inhouse lawyers about “missing a trick with their current technology”.

Atuksha Poonwassie

Atuksha’s background is in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Analytics.  Since 2000, she has helped many businesses, across many industries grow their ‘raving customer fan’ base by providing guidance and support.  This is through her consulting business Focus 2020.

She is also the co-founder of Simple Backing and Simple Equity and a Director of the UK Crowdfunding Association, an association that represents crowdfunding platforms with operations in the UK.

Atuksha is a firm believer in the power of building a long standing community and raving fan base; something that is well suited to both crowdfunding and CRM.



Davin Poonwassie

Davin’s background is in data, databases and Information technology.

He was first introduced to crowdfunding in early 2013 and spotted the opportunity that crowdfunding brings.  At the end of 2013, Davin co-founded Simple Backing, a crowdfunding platform focused on Debt (P2P).  He soon realised that there was also a need to provide an Equity option, thus Simple Equity was formed.   Outside of crowdfunding, Davin is a business and property coach, helping others achieve their goals and aspirations.

Davin is also a keen property investor, investing in parts of the UK and France.


This one time investment of £249 gives you full on access from 9am-5pm – working lunch included.

The team will be covering & discussing the following-

  • Pitching for investment capital – what you can and can’t do
  • Loan agreements
  • Joint Ventures / Partnerships
  • Partnership Agreements / Partnership Law
  • SPV / Ltd Company Structures – When & why use them
  • Crowd Funding – How it can help YOU
  • The different types of clients – High Net Worth, Consumers, Business etc
  • PS13/3 – What is an unregulated collective
  • Group Exercise & Role Play
  • Documentation & Record Keeping
  • Compliance / Date Protection / Professional Indemnity / The Property Obudsman



The workshop will cover a wealth of unique information on how you can look for secure more funding through private clients and how you can raise these funds legally. The day will also go through the different options to structure the capital raising and how to put the legal paperwork together.


If you answer ‘Yes’ to the questions below then this the workshop for you …

  • Would you like to do MORE deals?
  • Would you like to raise more funds in a structured / legal way ?
  • Do you want to understand what you can or cannot say regarding raising funds?

All the key information and knowledge you need in one place.

Make your money work harder and smarter and enjoy a vastly improved level of income and wealth.


Venue: Holiday Inn – Maidenhead

Lunch & Refreshments all included



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