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Kevin Wright – How to recycle your cash in 2014 !

Buy more property, faster and with less cash

kevin-wright-mortgageIf you’re trying to build your Buy to Let portfolio you know that this takes time. Once your spare cash is invested in a property it’s tied up – at least for 6 months.

So what if you can get you cash back quicker of certainly learns ways where less of your cash will be tied up – the result of this can only mean you could say yes to more deals that come your way – you could potentially also secure deals others are unable to.

Kevin will be sharing some of his vast knowledge before the Berkshire Property Meet and will show you how to make your cash stretch much, much further by using creative and totally legal strategies for buying property.

  • How to drill down into the detail of each strategy so you leave with several ideas on how to secure more deals in 2014.
  • You’ll discover how to make bridging pay for itself by negotiating lower prices so bridging costs you nothing!!
  • You’ll be able to calculate exactly how much profit you will make – using just few of the many methods Kevin has used.

So grab this complimentary training session at the Holiday Inn Maidenhead on Monday 20th Jan from 6pm-7.3opm – we finish in plenty of time to allow you to visit the Berkshire and network before they start – surely is best to soak up as much complimentary content as you can or you’ll only end up at the bar chatting about something that possibly will not further your property journey in 2014.


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